Montage Theatre Arts

Little Shop of Horrors at Summer School

The Supertroupers

Montage Theatre Arts is Brockley’s largest local charity, running 33 weekly acting, dancing, singing classes in Brockley for 250 people aged between 3 and 87 years old.

Based at Prendergast School and Crossways Sixth Form, Montage is a low-cost alternative to stage schools and is always looking for new members to join in.

Artistic Director Judy Gordon says:

"The kids at Crossways are taking part in the Lewisham Schools Music Showcase at Blackheath Halls doing Bugsy Malone and Chicago, my over 60’s (Supertroupers) are performing in shows at the Albany and our Youth Theatre are performing at the Brockley Jack Theatre for 3 nights – all events in March! We hope to have our 3 – 7 yrs performing ballet and tap in Brockley Max this year and Montage young and old are also taking part in London’s Big Dance at Lewisham People’s Day on 10th July - so lots of events to choose from.

"Our Adult Musical Theatre course opens in the summer too – we want loads of people to join that! We're also hoping to reopen our breakdancing club soon. We need Brockley to celebrate how wonderfully talented their community is!"


Anonymous said...

I'm an 88 year old breakdancer with two new titanium hips. Why am I being excluded? I shall vote BNP, they be stupid and look a little inbred but at least they respect the eldearly. Except black ones, gay ones and them wot can read.

Sue said...

Montage Theatre Arts are doing great work. I went to a great intergenerational production they put on at Prendergast before Christmas, involving people from 5 to 85, and I know they are very keen to do more working with the over 65s. It was all about Lewisham from just before WWII upto the present day.

Tamsin said...

They came along and did a turn out of "Hello Dolly" at the 800 seater Broadway Theatre in Pensioners Day last September.

Anonymous said...

OMG hilarious. are the older folks in the photo doing Rock Horror Picture Show? brilliant.

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