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Exchange Coffee heads to final

Lewisham Coffee outlet Exchange Coffee followed their Time Out commendation by winning first and third at the UK Latte Art Championship this weekend and are now on their way to the UK Barista Championship finals in June.

Sayes Court Park

The park is part of Convoys Wharf in Deptford, once the house and garden of John Evelyn, contemporary of Samuel Pepys.

It's subject to a very gloomy entry on Wikipedia, which describes it as run-down and vandalised and shows a picture of a damaged oak tree, to illustrate the contemporary park.

It's now got a dedicated blog, which hopes to uncover its history, although its first entry suggests it has its work cut out:

But the park, despite bearing the name of Sayes Court, initially appeared to be just a rather run-down, reduced-to-low-maintenance relic of the nineteen-fifties. A few ubiquitous plane trees and shrubs and predictable rows of roses, but otherwise, sadly, not much apart from concrete paths and grass.