TfL to investigate Brockley Station overcrowding

Well, I would say this - I've been working here for 18 years, and in 1975 no one died. In 1976, no one died. In 1977, no one died. In 1978, no one died. In 1979, no-one died. In 1980... someone died. In 1981, no one died. In 1982 there was the incident with the pigeon. In 1983, no one died. In 1984, no one died. In 1985, no one died. In 1986... I mean, I could go on.
- Keith Mandement, The Day Today

Following concerns raised by Brockley Central readers on this thread, about potentially dangerous levels of overcrowding during the evening peak time at Brockley Station, TfL has confirmed that it will investigate the issue.

We sent them your comments and in response, a TfL spokesman said:

“The gates at Brockley station were introduced by Southern, and we inherited this system in September 2009. Since then LOROL has been operating the station on TfL London Rail’s behalf, and no accidents have been reported at the station. However, our stations team is due to go on site at Brockley in the next few weeks to observe passenger flows and determine whether action is required there.”

Thanks for your helpful feedback and to TfL for responding so promptly.