From Shiatsu to Tax Consultancy

The Brockley Central classifieds section now has local suppliers of everything from tax advice to photography classes, shiatsu to make-up consultancies, ironing and life drawing. If you haven't already, please check it out.


quick brown fox said...

Hi Nick - that post seems to link to something dated 2007 - is that the up to date list?

If I come on here in a week's time, say, looking for an electrician (or whatever) how do I find the classifieds? Do I have to do a search for 'electrician'?

"Classifieds" doesn't appear on the label cloud - might that be a way to make it more accessible?


Brockley Nick said...

There's a dedicated button along the top bar, which will take you there at any time, but I like your suggestion of adding it to the label cloud (never sure if people actually use that feature of the site).

The link is up to date, it's a single page that gets updated and is a permanent feature of the site. The reason it's dated 2007 is because that's when the page was first published, although it served a different function originally.

Monkeyboy said...

The 'recomended tradseman' thing was dead useful, perhaps more so than the classifieds? A link to that would be great, it'll get lost otherwise. Also I need to put the bins out and my apple tree needs pruning so if you can start on that soon that'll be great.

quick brown fox said...

Thanks Nick. I completely missed the top bar!

Agree with MB the recommended tradespeople is likely to be even more useful - could the two be merged?


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