Sad sack story

Sarah writes:

My friend's lost a dark green, khaki army style rucksack in New Cross around midnight Monday night, and have exhausted all efforts to try and physically find it so we now turn to the web. Inside was a Macbook Pro, and Toshiba 1TB external hard drive. 

We're all convinced it's probably been stolen by now but there's 2 years worth of Design coursework for uni on that hard drive. Simply hoping if you could pop a post/tweet up asking for people to keep an eye out for it or if they hear that anyone's trying to sell it! All we want back is the hard drive and the work on it. The rest can be sold on to whoever the hell wants it.

Email her here if you know anything about it.


yara said...

so sad! hope the person finds it..

suze said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about this. I really feel your pain. I had a rucksack stolen from a train 15 years ago with almost a year's worth of work on my PhD thesis in there. It was all notes on hard copy with no digital copies and all the work just had to be re-done. My advice is take a deep breath, a couple of weeks away from it to try to get over it (because I know from experience it's truly devastating) and then sit down and start again afresh, with your main priority being to have TWO external hard drives - one stored safely off site where at least if anything like this happens in the future, you will have most of your work backed up somewhere else. If it helps at all, the stuff I wrote second time around was most definitely better!

Diana Rossborough said...

Is your friends absolutely certain she hasn't at least some of the work backed up on a forgotten flash drive or similar? I once rescued some work like that.Hope uni is sympathetic.Good luck

Advice said...

Keep an eye on Ebay and Gumtree ads too just incase...

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