Coming soon [sic]: Lewisham Gateway

The first phase of Lewisham Gateway will include two new blocks and a new public space "Confluence Place"
The first phase of Lewisham Gateway (née Lewisham 2000) is really happening. It's only taken the most buoyant property market in history for this development to finally get off the ground, but the hoardings started to go up yesterday. The official website (with its entertainingly truncated timeline) says:

From Monday 14 April we will start putting up hoardings around the site of our first phase of works. The road network and public transport will not be affected and Station Road will remain open. See this online map showing the location of the hoardings. Initially the hoardings will include posters with information about what is happening. At a later date they will be fully clad with visuals, information on Lewisham Gateway and signage. In the coming weeks we plan to close the section of Station Road between the DLR and Lewisham Road.

Lewisham Gateway will slow traffic through the centre of Lewisham, by removing the roundabout that cuts the station off from the shopping centre and forcing cars to take a more convoluted route through town. But by doing so, it will create a more pedestrian-friendly environment, as well as creating more homes, shops and public space. The first phase will replace the bus stand.

Together with Renaissance (which is entering its final phase) and the Thurston Road buildings, which are now flying up, the impact of the Gateway on Lewisham will be dramatic and, while it will mean more frustrating travel, the net effect should be positive.

BC's colleagues work for Barratt on Renaissance, so feel free to dismiss this comment, but the Glassmill leisure centre has already been transformative and the skyline has quickly absorbed the towers, which were once the subject of so much apprehension by so many. If all this new development helps bring Lewisham to life at night, it will be a massive improvement.

Lewisham blogger Paul has done a sterling job of charting the Gateway's "progress", here.