Yellow Borough

Jerry: Like Bizarro Superman. Superman's exact opposite, who lives in the backwards bizarro world. Up is Down. Down is Up. He says "Hello" when he leaves, "Good bye" when he arrives. 
Elaine: Shouldn't he say "Bad bye"? Isn't that the, opposite of "Good bye"? 
Jerry: No. It's still a goodbye. 
Elaine: Uh. Does he live underwater? 
Jerry: No. 
Elaine: Is he black.. 
Jerry: Look. Just, forget it.
- Seinfeld, The Bizarro Jerry

Whitbread seems to be having an inter-departmental competition to see whether Costa Coffee or Premier Inn can knock out most new premises fastest (poor old Brewer's Fayre - no-one talks to those losers at the Christmas Party)... and Lewisham is in their sights. A new Premier Inn is planned for Lewisham town centre, replacing a car lot next to Plough Bridge, near Lewisham Station.
Part of the deal put together to secure planning for the 60-room hotel is that a new piece of public art will be created under the bridge, to jolly it up. And the proposed work is mahsiweL, by Henry Stringer Duval - a bright yellow LED lightbox with Bizarro spelling meant to reflect the diversity of the languages spoken in the borough.
mahsiweL inverts not only the spelling of our fair borough, but also its colour scheme, demoting the over-exposed royal blue to give priority to our glorious canary yellow. There's not enough primary colour in the public realm and the Blue Borough really needed to rethink its palette, so this gets the BC blessing. 

If you want your say, fill out this survey by May 5th. Work is due to start on the hotel itself shortly.