The Spirit of the People: An Analysis of the Brockley Mind

Joey: That's right I stepped up! ... And if I had to, I'd pee on any one of you! 
- Friends

Channel 5's "Law and Disorder: Catching Criminals" is a documentary series which decided to test Britons' willingness to intervene to prevent street crime. Though some may question the scientific integrity of the experiment, none can deny that it revealed an underlying truth - Brockley people have an indomitable spirit.

Brockley's David Seal was the have-a-go hero of the hour
In this case, Brockley Dave showed Britain how it's done. The Daily Mail reports:

This is the moment a woman was violently mugged in a busy street in broad daylight, as scores of people simply stared.

Unbeknown to them, the victim and mugger were actors, planted by makers of a documentary. They acted out the dramatic bag snatching on a busy south London street to see what members of the public would do when faced with a street mugging.

But of around 40 witnesses to the crime, just one man rushed to intervene. David Seal, 40, from Brockley, was out shopping on Bromley on Thursday when the experiment was filmed. He was the only person to physically intervene.


Greater Brockley said...

That man embodies the Spirit of Brockley

Chris Wheal said...

Nah! No self-respecting Brocklean shops anywhere as down market as Bromley.

Em said...

That's Dave who lives behind me, him and his wife are lovely

BigStu said...

You are an idiot.

Chris Wheal said...

An you have the best sense of humour in Brockely, Stu.

sam said...

yeah.. he works with our company, supporting adults with learning disabilities.. tough and caring... sorry girls.. he's

Nigel Faberge said...

Bromley is where people move to when they start voting for Ukip, get hairy ears/backs and want to start playing French boules. Actually that is what Ladywell is missing a boules green, perhaps a petition to Lewisham Council is in order!

Chris Wheal said...

Careful, Stu will be along soon to call you an idiot, then hide his name.

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