Artist Village Brockley

Artist Village, Brockley is a new studio in Brockley Cross, created as part of the Dragonfly Place development. The Artist Village team has the use of most of the first floor of the whole site for nearly two years, allowing them to create 32 brand new studios ranging from 120 sq feet to 400 sq feet.

The team explains:

Artist Village, Brockley is a concept by Anthony Gross as part of Artist Urban Action.The site will be remodelled for residential use after artist occupation by the developers. Some sites, like Enclave, are nurturing and permanent, others, like this, are shorter term opportunities. The units are priced at £15/sqft/yr inclusive of all rates and utilities. There are no other costs. Non-commercial applicants only.

We are creating one social area with kitchen, sofas and fibre-speed wi-fi and the rest is all studios with no gallery or public space. There are 9 'units' over three buildings along a wavy courtyard, and each unit has about 4 studios. Each studio is fully private, has its own window, partitions to the ceiling, its own door. We will try and put people together in units with compatible practices hence an application process. We are looking for respectful artists who just want a nice space to work. 

To apply email, subject head "Artist Village - Artist Application", and describe your practice within the email in no more than 100 words. Do not send any images or other information or documents. Please describe the materials and processes in your work. We just want to make sure you are not making anything that will cause others any problems and we want to put compatible practices together. We will send you plans, sizes and prices.

Thanks to Transpontine for the heads-up.


maisie_moo said...

It looks very attractive in that photo; I am surprised they aren't planning to use it in a way that facilitates the showcasing of artists' work to the public. 32 studios is a lot - if they could have found room for a couple of cafes and galleries I could see it having a real buzz and adding to Brockley's appeal to outsiders. Seems like a missed opportunity, but presumably either filthy lucre, housebuilding targets, or both, lie behind the strategy of ultimately converting them to residential use. Any indication of the timescale for this?

Brockley Nick said...

The developers have always intended it to be a residential live/work street, rather than a "destination", right or wrong. Timing: June.

maisie_moo said...

Sorry, I meant the timescale for conversion to residential.

Fabhat said...

Maisie - it's already more than half residential (top 2 floors of each building) then offices and work units are below. The artists are filling some of the unrented commercial space... Will be a nice addition to the development - we're in an office there and looking forward to this.

Pepe said...

I think the live/work concept was doomed from the start. I wonder who is the brain behind this Victorian concept attempt... Nick can you point the finger?

I imaging the situation has had an impact on the ACE Van redevelopment. Real genius!

Good luck to the Art Village, but wouldn't be better to get the residential transformation going perhaps retaining just a couple of units for coffee shop and exhibition center?

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