Avengers: Age of Brockley

Alexander Pierce: Captain, to build a better world, sometimes means tearing the old one down... And that makes enemies.
- Captain America 2

Age of Ultron is the story of a monomaniacal intelligence that lives through the Internet

Gone are the days when BC had to come up with spurious excuses to include the Avengers in article headlines - Avengers: Age of Ultron is filming at The Rivoli Ballroom today and Captain America (Chris Evans) has just been spotted crossing Brockley Road. It is currently filming at Shepperton Studios and using the codename After Party.

Full disclosure: The agency BC works for has Disney for a client, which is the parent company of Marvel. Still, makes a nice change from having to disclose Sainsbury's. Thanks to Kevin for the heads-up.


Monkeyboy said...

yeah, bet there would be a deafinig silence if a DC comic superhero was knocking around SE4 ;)

Crofty said...

Crofton Park was awash this morning with extras in 1940s outfits - army uniforms, women in headscarves. Lots of double-takes going on.

Magic Geoff said...

There's some location vans on Ivy Road (by Ladywell Cemetary), don't know if connected?

Such Hollywood! Many acting!

Roger Stocker said...

Where was John Steed?

jk said...

so will Bill donate some of his fee to the community!!! as it is community hall.

anonymouse said...

What's the problem with Bill & Jeanie?

carpin said...

There was some filming taking place on maidenstone road blackheath last week.
Loads of crew and kit, location vehicles ect. Again, don't know if its connected.
But they changed the name of the road while filming.

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