Coming soon: The Job Centre Deptford

The name sounds like the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony team dreamed it up, but The Job Centre Deptford is an exciting prospect.

The Antic team (behind many of South East London's top pubs) are converting the former site of Utrophia on Deptford High Street into a new bar. Before Utrophia, it was the local job centre.

According to their Facebook updates, "The squatters have finally found a new home and building working is well underway to transfer this once 1970's Job Centre into Deptford's newest saloon bar. It also has fantastic potential roof top garden - licensing permitting. Fingers crossed!"

Check the construction photos here if you like shots of planks.


Damian Griffiths said...

This place is a disgrace. It is making a joke out of people who are unemployed. It is a haven for the gentry to gloat over other people's misfortunes.

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