Bespoke Brockley

An example of Malcom's work - the company will unveil their secret designs this weekend
The Brockley bike scene will be represented at Bespoked, the UK Handmade Bicycles Show, this weekend in Lee Valley. Ashley Malcom, the Head Technician at Brockley Bikes will be officially launching his new handmade bike venture Malcom Custom Bicycles at the industry show and unveiling their new steel frame models.

Bespoked is a showcase for the burgeoning UK handmade scene and Ashley says:

Bespoked is for us to officially launch the product to the public. Our aim is to wow everyone enough for us to win the new builder award and create enough interest to move to full production. 

We are building two bikes for the show and we are thinking about making one a tribute bike to Ron Cooper. Ron had a shop for a long time on the Honor Oak strip. He passed away in December 2012, still building frames into his eighties. He helped me out with getting the skills required to be a top frame builder. There's a big cycling scene in Brockley so please come and find us at the show.


Melda said...

Maybe Ashley could go some way to building a smile or offering some real customer service? I have used Brockley Bikes on six occasions and each time I'm flabbergasted at the owners, rude, snappy and aggressive manner, He is only to happy to snatch my money though. Please smile you might have some mystery shoppers!

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