Introducing: The Brockley Brewhouse Bar

After throwing a successful birthday party at their place, The Brockley Brewery has decided to open the Brockley Brewhouse Bar inside their brewery (31 Harcourt Road). They say:

Due to popular demand we’re opening up a bar at the Brewery! Initially this will be for one night only to see how it goes, on Friday 9 May 6pm -10.30pm.

We’ll be looking to open again and more regularly over the summer months. Please drop by for freshly squeezed ales, one for every mood - Red, Pale, Golden or the seriously Noir Porter.

With two other Brockley bars on the way shortly, the prospect of a decent Brockley bar-crawl becomes more realistic / frightening by the day.


AliAfro said...

So they are going to try this once and see how it goes? - love it how they are not taking anything for granted whilst organising a piss up in a brewery! Good luck to all involved - love how the Brockley venue list continues to grow!

Iam said...

reminds me of an old lee and herring sketch, can't find it on youtube anywhere though

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