Horniman Walrus loses tusk as April Fool’s stunt goes wrong

The Horniman Walrus in happier times
It turns out that the police helicopter sounds so many BCers were tweeting about last night were due to a large-scale walrus hunt.

The Horniman Museum’s iconic mammal had been temporarily removed last night for routine cleaning and it seems that someone thought it would make a great April Fool’s joke to park it in the middle of Kings College Sports Ground on Brockley Rise. The walrus was discovered there, swaddled in loo roll, at around 2am, according to SNT Sergeant Jane Bidwell.

Unfortunately, the animal lost a tusk in the process and the museum now faces a race against time to have the creature ready for the Easter onslaught of expectant families.

Despite the helicopters, no one has been arrested in relation to the theft, but It is not thought that New Cross hellraiser Shia LaBeouf was in the country at the time. Presumably, more details are to come.


gg allin said...

good one...

Crofty said...

You got me - I've been pondering how close I'd been to the walrus in question all day and only just realised date.

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