Brockley passenger numbers set to treble in four years

Transport for London, the organisation that is responsible for the development of the East London Line, has forecast that it will increase station usage by 190%, within its first year of opening.
Currently, the station serves more than 1m passengers a year, but in 2011, TfL forecasts that this number will have risen to 3.8 million a year (which contrasts with a figure of 1.33m without the East London Line).

The Brockley Cross Action Group is campaigning to transform the area around Brockley Station, to create an attractive public area around the station, otherwise known as Phase Two of the Brockley Common project.

The figures provided today by Transport for London form a compelling case for the Brockley Common masterplan to receive the funding it needs and do much to explain the recent flurry of new developments around Brockley Cross.

The huge increase that's forecast also lends weight to the campaign against any reduction to mainline services in to London Bridge.

It's clear that the both services will be necessary to meet demand. How the tiny ticket office and cramped platforms will cope is another matter...

In not-unrelated news, Barclays Capital this week announced that they would be expanding their Canary Wharf operation, which, together with other recent deals, means that the estate is effectively full up. This makes it extremely likely that Canary Wharf Group will proceed with the development of Riverside South - a pair of 200m+ skyscrapers which will form the biggest single commercial property development in Europe.

The growth of Canary Wharf and the East London Line expansion will, along with the developments around London Bridge be the most significant forces that will shape the development of Brockley in the next 10 years.