The Brockley Cross Action Group wish list

The site of Brockley Common "Phase 2" - it can't come too soon!

Following my earlier, more prosaic list of personal wishes for Brockley, here is a more noble list of ambitions for the area, compiled by Stuart, from the Brockley Cross Action Group.

Some good progress has been made with a number of these initiatives, but they're looking for champions for some of these individual projects, so please click on the BCAG link from this page if you wish to get in touch and help make a difference to your local area. Thanks.

Brockley Common
Phase 1a – temporary replacement of Coulgate Street walls
Network Rail delay due to costs

Brockley Common
Phase 2 – ramp and creation of new public space
Currently being designed and costed up for further fundraising

Estate Environments – Particularly Wickham Road and Clare Estates
£1,400. Need to find willing tenants to work with

Mantle Rd/ St Asaphs raised flower beds
£1,500 allocated from Telegraph Hill Ward Councillors locality fund. Need to find someone local to lead

Mantel Road/Endwell Rd Corner (opp Endwell Court). Land in front of and behind hoardings
Raised with Network Rail who are reluctant to lose advertising income. Needs someone to lead

Platform 1, Brockley Station, bank at back of platform,
Plant with bulbs. Needs permission, prior deep clean and a work day

Eternal café, Mantle Road, local eyesore,
Clear and plant up. Network Rail owned. No progress. Needs someone to lead

Brockley Sorting Office, Brockley Road

Agreed location for a Farmers Market, needs greening and ‘softening up’ through limited planting and half barrels etc. No one leading at present

Brockley Cross Junction and shops
New traffic arrangement and environmental improvements. Council leading, no progress for two years now


Dean Walton said...

...and a high level station. This may seem like a long term aim, but Lewisham is currently developing its Local Development Framework(LDF)...the successor to the Unitary Development Plan (UDP).

The UDP made a passing reference to the High Level Station at Brockley...the preferred options for LDF does not about to enter formal consultation do not...yet. Whilst the Council's committmment to the high level link is not as good as I would like it to be, I would not want to see the current commitment weakened.

BBuck said...

How about an even more ambitious wish: have Thameslink (First Capital Connect, sorry) services stop at Brockley? At the moment, services head straight through on their way from East Croydon to London Bridge.

With the East London Line extension, it would seem sensible to have a connection to Thameslink somewhere on the line (a stop which would add a few minutes to the journey at most). At the same time, one could look at the High-Level Station.

The two together would create a very versatile connection in the south-east of Zone 2. It would reduce the load on London Bridge, greatly improve Nunhead's accessibility (which remains amongst the poorest districts in London) and provide Thameslink customers with quicker access to Victoria and Canary Wharf.

The schemes in isolation might not quite make enough financial sense. But combining them would surely improve the case.

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