Moonbow Jakes goes smoke free

Brockley institution, Moonbow Jakes is banning smoking inside the cafe from Monday, March 12th, ahead of a nationwide ban on smoking in the work place, which comes in to effect later this year.

Smoking will still be allowed in the back "garden" and outside at the front, but the ban means that, the large table (presumably designed for a large, sociable group) at the front will no longer be occupied by a solitary smoker, determined to effect an exclusion zone around themselves by holding their fag as far away from their body as possible and blowing smoke in the direction of any children who might cross Jakes' threshold.

I've nothing against smokers per-se and Mooonbow Jake's relaxed atmosphere is something to be cherished, but most of the existing clientele appear to be non-smokers so the move should prove popular, without changing the feel of the place.