Is this a sign? Or vandalism?

This question has been bugging me for a long time now - is this shop called "Ask Toes", or is it just vandalism?

It looks like graffiti, plain and simple. But I walked past the guys who were setting up the shop every day on my way to work, as they lovingly restored the shop, with good attention to detail. The "sign" sprang up at the same time as the shop opened, in which case, why didn't the houseproud owners clean it off and put up a proper sign? But if it's not graffiti, what on earth is the name supposed to be, especially, done in such an amateurish way.

Does anyone know? Please put my mind at rest.

I suppose I could just go and ask them myself, but I don't want to seem rude if it is deliberate - and anyway, who wants to go in a shop called Ask Toes?


Andrew Brown said...

Hi Nick. Looks like graffiti and I'm pretty sure I've seen the ASK tag around (though not recently).

Thanks for the link, I'll reciprocate.

Peter Masters said...

surely it's Toes Ask anyway. And I quite like the considered placement of it.

Ploomie said...

It's about time we had some controlls for what people can do to shop fronts, with a complete ban on perpex back lit illuminated signs and a return to senstive treatments of shop fronts ito keep them in keeping with the area. To help possible shops in the fuuture someone shope create somethign to inspite, inform and cost what a great shop front can look like. I did a study for Lewisham Council about New Cross but the Council were hopeless and apathetic about it (sums them up really!) We need some vision for brockley. It's slowly happening but rather than waiting for something to happen we should clear the path and make it easier for people to open up the types of shops, delis and stores we need and want in the area.

Anonymous said...

I think some of the graffiti around here is great. People are generally respectful, keeping it to shutters mostly (something which would decline I think, if it was to be treated as 'vandalism').

Graffiti, like any art is a means of communication so rather than saying it's vandalism why not look at what it's communicating (intentionally or unintentionally)?

Ploomie said...

Tagging is not art.

Mindless scrawling of a name is NOT communicating ANYTHING.

I have some friends who are graffiti artists, some of which are quite famous. Unfortunately none of the good ones seem to have visited out part of london, which is a shame as the likes of banksy (Obviously), D*face, Space Invader etc are great artists in their own right who use the street as a canvas.

I haven't seen ANY street art in Brockley (graffiti wise) and fai to see what anonymous is talking about!

There is a huge difference between good graffiti and tagging.

dakanube said...

Hi Nick, did this used to be a cafe? It has not been opened since i moved to Brockley.

Anonymous said...

It used to be the most honest establishment in the entire kingdom of Brockley. We'll never see their like again :-(

dakanube said...

dear anon, care to explain more? Any idea who owns the site now?

Tommie_introna said...

 Trying to find out more about this place... how can I get in contact with the landlord?

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