New neighbour for Magi - Part 2

Brockley is the new Oxford Street, judging by the number of new shops popping up at the moment - I'm tempted to take back my bid for a replacement for Costcutter - we're not going to need it at this rate.

Speedicars' smaller office, just a couple of doors down from Magi on Coulgate Street, and next door to the new shop that we reported a couple of weeks ago, has gone. It is being replaced by another new shop. All the shops on that street are owned by the same landlord, according to the helpful woman in Magi, who also confirmed that the shop next door will become a takeaway coffee place. She said that the replacement for Speedicars wouldn't be known until work is completed in a few weeks' time, where upon it will be put up for rent.

Combined with two places which are being refitted on Geoffrey Road, near the florists, and the other new developments which have been reported and things are looking very positive. Of course, it remains to be seen what the finished articles will be like...


Brockley Jon said...

Indeed, new shops are great - but they have to be worthwhile. Another low quality fast food joint would be a major disaster. A budget internet cafe .

I use the new shops at the Lewisham Way end of Florence Road as an example - they built a small block of flats with 3 tiny shops underneath. This was despite there being boarded up shops just round the corner on Lewisham Way. 6 months later 2 are still empty and one is a bureau de change/cheques to cash sort of thing. Useful for some, I'm sure, but not terribly great. And not very attractive. Sorry if that sounds snobby.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the new Brockley shops are the kind we've been crying out for - a nice deli for example!

Anonymous said...

Apparently there used to be a Deli called 'Fine Taste' at number 302 Brockley Road. Anyone know when and why it closed?

Or is it, in fact, the greengrocer/butcher/convenience store that's still there?

Anonymous said...

The deli closed because I believe the owner wanted to retire ( I think it was becoming too much for him).

It's great to hear about the takeaway coffee shop opening near magi's - but unfortunately it looks like Southern Trains are putting a coffee kiosk on the platform - which since its installation 2 days ago has already attracted grafitti. I call on everyone to support the shop when it opens!

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