Four new shops for Brockley Cross

Four new shops and fourteen new apartments are under construction on Endwell Road, facing the Brockley Cross roundabout "system".

Developers Acorn are converting a former light-industrial building in to new homes and small retail outlets, which will face out on to Endwell Road. Building work, which is already underway (with the existing structure being stripped out) should take another 18 months, approximately.

The nature of the shops and the price of the apartments is yet to be determined, but given their location, its unlikely that they'll be vying with Pan Peninsula for custom.


Stuart X said...

Well done Nick for initiating a great blog site with huge potential.

The Developer of Bridge House offered the Brockley Community a community space in this old wharehouse once it is finished. That was before they got planning permission .... I wonder if the offer is still live? If so we need to get organised!

Stuart X

Brockley Nick said...

Thanks Stuart, I will try and investigate.

[mark e] said...

Excellent - is that the site that used to have the Dukes store on the corner?

Brockley Nick said...

Hi Moe

Yes, Dukes is still there though. The shops will run over the railway track.

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