Two more shops for Brockley Station

I had an email yesterday from one reader, asking whether the reason I'd not yet covered the five storey development on the corner of Mantle Road and Foxwell Street, was because it was on the wrong side of the tracks. The simple answer is no, it's because I do this in my spare time and I hadn't got round to it yet. But the longer answer is that, yes, coverage will tend to be skewed towards those things that I walk past and notice in the course of my daily life and since I do live in the conservation area, I will be quicker to pick up on things on that side. That is not an editorial stance, however, and the "them and us" mentality in Brockley will be the subject of my next post. If anyone has any stories that they'd like this blog to cover, please email me.

Anyway, to the subject of the headline. As far as I can discern, developers Olivanna are currently building a new mixed-use block, a stone's throw from Brockley Station, on the west side of the tracks. The building, which is five storeys high at its zenith, will comprise two shops and thirteen flats and has been designed by Greenwich practice Architecture Limited. The timetable for completion was 60 weeks from February 2006, but completion still looks a long way off - the exterior cladding and interior fit out have not yet begun. The design is described in the planning application to Lewisham Council and sounds alright to me:

"A simple, logical form is proposed for the façade of the building, with the materials to the main Foxwell Street frontage comprising glazed aluminium framed windows to the ground floor commercial element, with glazing to the windows and doors, and infill panels of cedar tongue and groove and galvanised steel balconies to the three floors of residential above. The fifth storey would have a galvanised steel balustrade with an ochre coloured rendered façade and lead flashing to the roof perimeter.

"The commercial units would be located on Mantle Road, with entrances off of Mantle Road only; they would have a modern glazed shopfront with aluminium frames in RAL 9007 which would turn the corner onto Foxwell Street."

If anyone knows any more about it, please let me know. In the mean time, I will continue to make enquiries.


Anonymous said...

Is the 'Glass House' development...

Anonymous said...

'Italianate stucco and Gothic terracotta detailing'? They'll be waxing lyrical about the areas extensive range of late night restaurants and urban edge. Kebabs and the odd murder to us locals.

Can't wait to pee in their carpark.

Unknown said...

320k for a two-bed flat??!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Is the glasshouse not another development? The compleation date is given as March 2008 - the building is practically finished! This is not buying off-plan, is it?

I'm confused!


Brockley Nick said...

I will try and find out more about this.

Anonymous said...

BROCKLEY NICK, do you know when work is going to start on the Mantle road development next to the railway bridge. You mentioned a while ago that it's to be turned into a large block of (posh) flats but they still haven't started knocking down the existing structure. Any ideas????

Anonymous said...

The last I heard is that the 'Bridge House' on Mantle Road (not to be confused with the new development on the bridge) i.e. the old furniture warehouse was subject to a planning meeting with the locals about 2 mths ago. There was a number of objections raised (one by me) in respect of it being rather 'large' for the new streetcape. On lewishams website, there is revised documentation and i think now the council has requested them to do some local environment work but you should check this out on their planning website.

The other development - the glasshouse is NOT the one pictured in nicks article. the Glasshouse is going to replace the derelict pub opposite from the footbridge. I have no idea when this is going to start.

The other plot for confirmed development, is the site of the temporary grey buildings next to the footbridge. This has temporary planning for 2 yrs (although the last time i looked this was still pending DESPITE them already being up and running!).

Anonymous said...

Andy Pandy,

I can understand your objections to the size, but surely it would be better than what exists there currently. Does objecting mean that the developers are likely to 'revise' their plans or simply say bugger it and find another plot. I have no idea how these things work. Out of the two though i'd rather they went ahead with the building - at the very least to achieve something that is so ridiculously outstanding that I cannot believe it hasn't been addressed already, and that is the narrow, threatening, and frankly scary entrance to the station. If this was widened by a few feet and not overlooked by two blank walls it would be fine. Lets start a campaign now to get that changed and to get direct access to Platform one from the mantle road side. How has this not already happened, surely this is such an obvious thing to do.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. This is one of the reasons why i objected to it. I felt, in my opinion that there simply wasnt enough widening of the entrance to the bridge,given that its propsed to be 5 stories high, with the upper floors overhanging the lower floors (i note of course there is some widening proposed). I also objected on the grounds that there is no provision for car parking proposed, and that there should be a contribution - money - to improve the local street, which was not included in the initial documents put forward.

This was subject to much debate at a meeting the planning team held with the community, full details on the planning website.

A point to note for readers: Lewisham planning members are 'elected' based on 3 year terms. Although credible to incorporate new ideas, there is a very significant risk that there will be no longer term vision to carry through ideas.improvements.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you did the right thing then Andy, well done for opposing.

Anonymous said...

I saw two guys fitting out one of the commercial units on Monday and asked them what business would occupy it. They replied that it was going to be used by a coach company! Not exactly the Cafe Hero APP&P promised us! One down, two to go.

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