"Phase Two" gets a step closer

You may have wandered past the diggers on Coulgate Street and wondered what the construction work is all about. Possibly, you have already shed a tear for the loss of the boarded up old toilets, that served as a lean-to for fly-tippers.

While it may not look like much at the moment, the work is actually an important step for Phase 2 of the Brockley Common project.

Rupert King, the Brockley Cross Action Group's resident landscape architect and the creator of the Brockley Common masterplan, told me:

"The works that are currently on site involve the demolition of the old toilet and shop, plus the retaining walls along Coulgate St. They will regrade the bank, build a (lower) 3 foot retaining wall from sleepers and erect a new boundary fence. The works are being undertaken by Network Rail's contractor and are their contribution in kind to the Common project. The completed works should really open up the site and make quite a difference."

For more information on the Brockley Common project, visit the Brockley Cross Action Group website. http://www.brockley.com/bcag/