Brockley Bites: Sunday special

Bowled over

On one of our regular runs around Hilly Fields BC was thrilled to see that the Francis Drake Bowling Club has gone all arty and commissioned a wonderful new gate:

A definitely positive addition to Hilly Fields, we feel. Hope it was made by a local artist! Can any bowls-playing readers provide more detail?

Other Brockleys

BC has shamelessly stolen a great idea from local blogger the Greenwich Phantom and had a quick look at the location of other Brockleys around the world. Unlike Greenwich, however, there aren't too many to choose from. According to Wikipedia our main competitors are in Somerset and Suffolk.
The Somerset Brockley was the location of a 300-person prisoner of war camp during World War II, initially housing Italian prisoners and later Germans. There's a nearby Site of Special Scientific Interest involving greater horseshoe bats, and nearby is Brockley Combe, an area of fetching woodland - oh, and also the site of Bristol International Airport. Coleridge wrote a poem about it (the wood, not the airport).

By contrast, the Suffolk Brockley has little to boast of other than a locally-popular cricket team, and a bowls club. Perhaps the Francis Drake Club could organise a Brockley derby match?