Brockley Max Finale @ Jam Circus

Last night saw the finale of the this year's Brockley Max festival take place in Jam Circus. Brockley Central arrived fashionably late, so unfortunately missed most of the live acts, but we did catch the headliner, Joel Pott, lead singer of Athlete.

We weren't disappointed. Joel played an acoustic set with a mixture of classic Athlete songs and new material. Chatting to the crowd in between songs, he even managed a few sing-along moments.

Joel Pott and his lovely guitar
Joel Pott, mid-strum

Jam Circus, which has replaced Moonbow Jake's as chief venue this year, was buzzing with people packed into every corner. Amazingly though, the queue at the bar was still moving swiftly. The crowd was noticeably younger than previous Max final nights that we've been at before - perhaps down to the venue, the music, or a sign of Brockley's growing popularity?

After Joel's encore, Des from the Brockley Cross Action Group took to the stage to close the festival, giving a well-deserved pat on the back to all the Max team, and reminding us why we were there - to support the work of the BXAG, and celebrate all the creative talent that comes out of Brockley!

Terry, one of Team Brockley Max, and Des from the BXAG
Des from the BXAG, and Terry, one of Team Brockley Max, remind us what it's all about

If you were there, then let us know what you thought of the music, the venue, and share your photos with us (we reckon there are probably some better ones out there than our phone cam pics!).