Brockley Max Finale @ Jam Circus

Last night saw the finale of the this year's Brockley Max festival take place in Jam Circus. Brockley Central arrived fashionably late, so unfortunately missed most of the live acts, but we did catch the headliner, Joel Pott, lead singer of Athlete.

We weren't disappointed. Joel played an acoustic set with a mixture of classic Athlete songs and new material. Chatting to the crowd in between songs, he even managed a few sing-along moments.

Joel Pott and his lovely guitar
Joel Pott, mid-strum

Jam Circus, which has replaced Moonbow Jake's as chief venue this year, was buzzing with people packed into every corner. Amazingly though, the queue at the bar was still moving swiftly. The crowd was noticeably younger than previous Max final nights that we've been at before - perhaps down to the venue, the music, or a sign of Brockley's growing popularity?

After Joel's encore, Des from the Brockley Cross Action Group took to the stage to close the festival, giving a well-deserved pat on the back to all the Max team, and reminding us why we were there - to support the work of the BXAG, and celebrate all the creative talent that comes out of Brockley!

Terry, one of Team Brockley Max, and Des from the BXAG
Des from the BXAG, and Terry, one of Team Brockley Max, remind us what it's all about

If you were there, then let us know what you thought of the music, the venue, and share your photos with us (we reckon there are probably some better ones out there than our phone cam pics!).


Anonymous said...

That's quite a coup to get the singer from Athlete to appear at the Max. Wires is a top song.

Well done all.

The Cat Man said...
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Anonymous said...

A popular beat combo. Some people would describe their style as 'bed wetters music' but I don't mind it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure there were that many locals there - the place emptied after Joel Pott finished.

Anonymous said...

Walked past before it got dark. Niced to have some music on the street. What a fabulous evening for it!

Anonymous said...

And judging by the few posts, you're probably right.

Anonymous said...

I'm local and I didn't go, well I couldn't I had something planned the weekend. I didn't really know when the Max was on, the publicity materials passed me by.

It's funny how there's resources available to line the streets with info about muggings but nothing for something celebratory or positive about the area. The Max is a local festival yet the place didn't look festive.

Brockley Nick said...

@Another Anon - I agree about the streets of Brockley.

I would say though, that one of the points of the MAX has always been to draw new people to the area, to showcase Brockley to them. So if there were a lot of "outsiders" at the event then that's no bad thing.

We need to cut the organisers some slack - this was their first time doing the event and they had to turn it around in record time.

I'm sure they want to do it bigger and better next time - without them, it would have died.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the organizers of Saturday nights event in Jam Circus. Me and my friends had a ball. My parents were over from Ireland too and they enjoyed the music and buzzing athmosphere which we normally have to travel to Greenwich or Blackheath to experience.

A lot of people who had travelled to the event did leave to get the last train from Crofton Park station however many (including us) stayed right to the very end and were dancing around at 2am to the Killers. It was so good to be able to go out to a decent bar, have a blast with friends and be only 5 minutes walk from home.

Hopefully nights out like this will become more frequent in SE4 as there are plenty of young people who have recently moved here who would like some more places to socialize. On Saturday night we met a chap from Scotland who had just moved to SE4 on Friday and turns out lives just around the corner. Its always nice to make a new friend in the area.

Well done to all involved!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Paddyom, Saturday night was a blast and it is great to have something like that close by rather than spending well earned loot in surounding areas. They pour a good pint of Guinness as well which is always a good sign.

Richard said...

Jon, drakefell & paddyom, thank you for coming, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Despite any publicity hitches, etc, the organisers need massive thanks and praise for all their hard work in a very short space of time, and at Jam Circus we are particularly grateful for their help over the week. It was the organisers who booked Saturdays bands, including Joel Pott, as well as providing equipment, etc.

As for Saturday, Joel was fantastic and all of the other bands made it a full day of great music. There were plenty of non-Brockleyites, but most faces were familiar and I was pleased to see regulars enjoying themselves.

An unfortunate technical glitch meant some people left without realising Wrongtom of Hard Fi was due to DJ, but nevermind.

Jon, would you mind sending us your phone photos? I had no time to take pictures myself on the night.

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