Brockley Business

Small businesses are vital to the health of any local economy. They bring jobs and spending power to the high-street.

Without them, our streets are deserts during the working week and our local shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants are forced to squeeze nearly all of their trade in during the evening rush hour and weekends.

Everyone acknowledges that there are too few small businesses in SE4 and that this is a major impediment to regeneration.

But Brockley Central is lucky to receive contributions from a number of local businesses and entrepreneurs, including Jam Circus, Moonbow Jake, Open Gym, Tea Leaf Arts, Locallife, The Shop on the Hill and Maradoll.

So this thread is for them and other local business people to use as they wish - to share ideas, ask for information and advice, publicise their services and test their ideas with the Brockley public. It was suggested by Jo Hill of Open Gym and a range of other posters have expressed an interest in a thread like this.

We hope it proves useful.