El Syd

Ex-Brockite Lee has alerted Brockley Central to a feverish discussion on the Sydenham Town Forum, about whether Sydenham needs to strike out on its own, breaking away from the tyranny of Lewisham. While El Cid conquered Valencia with an army of Moors and Christians, Lee plans to use a new logo.

Apparently, they covet the Catford Cat and want a symbol which represents all that is good and pure about SE26.

Lee kicked off the debate, explaining:

"I get fed up of seeing the same Lewisham signage, horrible generic plastic Lewisham bins with Borough of Lewisham plastered all over them.

"I live in Sydenham. I want to be reminded of where I live when I walk down the street, I don't want to keep being reminded of 'brand Lewisham', the local authority who take away our rubbish and 'ahem' clean our streets.

"With all this talk about regeneration and roundabouts I think it's high time we got our own identity."

The current front runner is a Green Dragon, way ahead of the alternative "Grey Hound".

This begs two obvious questions:

1. What do outsiders like us think the symbol for Sydenham should be?
2. What would Brockley's symbol be?