Brockley Bowling Club Gate-gate

Kate's article about Brockley Bowling Club's new gate generated a lot of discussion, prompting the woman who commissioned it to get in touch and address some of the points raised. Here's what she says....

I'm responding to comments about the new gate at the bowling club.

I'm Secretary of the club and commissioned the gate. It was designed by three A-level art students from Prendergast School: Helen Vicary, Hannah van den Wijngaard and Hetty Malik, supported by their art teacher, Kathryn Rosse.

They visited the club and sketched bowlers at play. It was constructed by local artist/blacksmith, Heather Burrell, who was also responsible for the gate in Eastern Avenue. It is still to be painted a 'black green'. It was paid for by my father, Richard Tritton, who was Captain of the club from 1997 to 2003. He is now in a care home suffering from dementia. On his behalf, I am using some money he received in a legacy. Both he and his wife, Betty, my mother, gained tremendous pleasure from bowling at the club and this is a way of giving something back.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd June at 3.00pm, there will be a 'Gate Opening' at the club attended by various people who have worked on the gate plus several club members. I hope my father will be able to attend. Hope this answers some of the questions. Best wishes, Jill Jenkins