Brockley is second Greenest part of London

Hackney blogger Luke Ackhurst has published a list of the wards in which the main candidates recorded their highest levels of support. Brockley and Ladywell reasserted their status as hotbeds of Green politics, by giving candidate Sian Berry her second and sixth highest proportions of the vote.

Top six highest votes for Sian Berry (Green Party):

1. Highgate, Camden: 10.68

2. Brockley, Lewisham: 9.66

3. Clissold, Hackney: 9.35

4. Stoke Newington Central, Hackney: 8.74

5. Kentish Town, Camden: 8.67

6. Ladywell, Lewisham: 8.61

Thanks to Dave for spotting it.