Hilly Fields Summer Fair

This year's Hilly Fields Summer Fair really lived up to the memory of previous years. Even the weather was an improvement on last year's showers ...
We've run some pics already but here are some more, taken by Brockley Jon.

The mini-train.

The judo exhibition.

The human fruit machine (one of the 'joker' cards was a picture of Boris Johnson!)

Particular highlights for BC were the falconry display, the dogs' parade, the cake stand (of course!) and the vast range of shopping opportunities from plants to retro patterned crockery to handmade jewellery.

A joker's entry for the cake competition (theme: The Olympics)

All the entries for the cake competition.

Then there was the make-your-own-pot stall, the petting zoo, salsa dancing, a mini-fairground for the kids, and the tea tent for the adults.

A local copper takes a break at the ice cream van.

The 'Extreme Falconry' dude.

What was your favourite bit of the day?


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that 'Stratford' cake! What does it look like :D. I should have submitted my effort after all.

Lovely pictures.

Anonymous said...

To be fair I think it says it was made by a 12 year old.

Anonymous said...

Is the Stratty cake meant to be a dog poo?

My favourite bit was the Falconer.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Stratford cake was a deep and meaningful socio-political comment on the financial mess the Olympics site is in at the moment ...

Anonymous said...

..or someone's Mum made them enter

Anonymous said...

Well, it says over 12, I think, if you study the placard closely.

To be honest the surface of Hilly Fields resembles that Stratford cake quite a lot of the time, though I'm not sure how anything could be done about this. Perhaps a sniper to take out the offending dogs?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back after the weekend LB. Yes over 12 - which could mean 13. Why on earth am I arguing back...lol

Monkeyboy said...

Wish I'd made the effort now. When I was in Australia hardly a week went by when they didn't have some kind of outside event kicking off. Usually centred around food, the Italian Food festival at LEICHHARDT was great.

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