Crofton et Lumiere - go ahead for Brockley film nights

Brockley Central has received news from Gregor Murbach, the auter behind the Brockley Jack Film Club and it appears a monthly film club will be coming to the area very soon. He explains:

"The good news is that the film club will go ahead, funding permitting. I’ve met with Kate and Karl, the team behind the Brockley Jack Theatre, and we have now come up with a concept which we believe will make it successful.

"You and some of your readers mentioned the Rivoli Ballroom in Crofton Park as a potential venue. I looked into it but, sadly, hiring it to screen films as a non-profit film club just doesn’t make sense financially for the time being.

"However, the Brockley Jack Theatre is a great, intimate venue. We are hoping to show our first film there in the next few weeks to officially launch the film club. It will also be an opportunity for everyone to join our membership scheme. More information on this and results of the survey can be found on the Brockley Jack Theatre website."


patrick1971 said...

Really glad this is going ahead. Will join the mailing list and see what films they decide to show!

Anonymous said...

"funding permitting...."

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. But try to avoid 19th July for your opening splash - Hillaballo which is also encompassing a showing of Brief Encounter as a one off at the Telegraph Hill Centre in the evening.
Do come along to that though with your publicity material...

Brockley Nick said...

@tamsin - who do I speak to to try and set up an interview about Hillaballoo please?

Anonymous said...


I move to the area last year and was very excited when I found our about the Hillabaloo and considered inviting a few friends over for us all to go and check it out (I wanted to show off my new area). I have to say I'm glad that plan didn't come off because I when I went was sorely disappointed. To be honest I couldn't really make out what it was all about. From what I could tell there was the camera obscura - and about three stalls. I really love the idea of the Hillabaloo but will it be any different this year? (Please say yes it's going to be be massive)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could arrange some evening screenings outside on Hilly Fields or something like the do in Greenwich but much smaller of course. Mind you this might me a logistical nightmare. It would be cool though.

Amanda said...

I am glad this is happening, and I will attend. To make this work, it's going to have to have 'value added' elements.

Anonymous said...

Get in touch with Bridget McKenzie or via the wordpress website:
It's not really "about" anything - just looking at the views and spontaneous art at the core of it - with local stalls, campaigns and promotions joining in.
I'm sorry you were disappointed at last year, but you will recall that it was almost a wash-out. Squally showers all day. An amazing number of e-mails were flying around the day before debating whether to pull the plug on the whole thing. As it was some stuck it out at the top of the hill and we were rewarded with fantastic cloud-scapes through the Camera Obscura and quite a bit of what had been planned for the Upper Park had to migrate to Cafe Orange or packed up completely.
As with all such things in a British Summer - desperately dependent on the weather for its success or not.
Ironically the following day was lovely - so we had to get out there with scrubbing brushes to clean the coloured chalks off the grey tarmac paths before they leached permanently into the surface. (I hadn't cleaned my kitchen floor for weeks but was out there scubbing the paths in the park - crazy!)

Anonymous said...

Feelin' good about this

Anonymous said...

cinema in lewisham! great scot!

I thought they were going to shoehorn one into the 'lewisham gateway'?

Is that still happening?

With Taylor Wimpey about to go tits up I'd be surprised!

Amanda said...


Thursday 31 July 2008 at 7.30pm

Brockley Jack Theatre, Brockley
Tickets: £3

“A radiant, oddball comedy-drama about the relationship that develops between a fat Bavarian tourist, an irritable black truckstop owner, and a weirdo artist, set in the dusty Arizona desert land of lonesome motels beloved of Sam Shepard... A wish-fulfilling fable about culture-clash and the melting-pot, it's also firmly grounded in telling and cinematically original observations.”

(Time Out)


Tickets: £3 for all on the door. Box office opens at 7pm.
Tickets can be pre-booked by calling the film club box office (020 8699 6685). Tickets have to be collected and paid for 20 minutes before the film starts. Please note that the theatre seats 52, and tickets will be allocated on a first-come basis.

About the film club

The Brockley Jack Film Club is part of the Brockley Jack Theatre. It aims to offer a quality, affordable and enjoyable cinema experience at least one Sunday a month between September and July. In addition to classic and foreign cinema, the programme will include thought-provoking and less well known films. The club will also showcase short films made by local film-makers.

Drinks purchased from the Brockley Jack Pub can be taken into the screening.

Become a member

You will be able to join the film club for £20 (normally £23) on the launch night or by sending in the attached form by 31 July 2008. In addition to supporting local culture, membership will bring you the following benefits:

- Discounted tickets at £3 (non-member tickets: £6)

- One free ticket

- Participation in the film selection

Brockley Jack Theatre

410 Brockley Road

London SE4 2DH

Box office: 020 8699 6685

Tressilliana said...

Excellent, thanks for posting this, Amanda. I have checked IMDB and see that Bagdad Cafe is certificate PG, so now to check whether the film club is happy for my teenage son (film buff) to come along with me.

Amanda said...

Hello Tressilliana, sorry I haven't responded earlier, yes the film has good reviews from what I've seen. So I'm looking forward to it.

patrick1971 said...

So did anyone go to see Baghdad Cafe? I didn't go as it's not a film I particularly like. When's the next one? Does anyone know what film will be shown?

Tressilliana said...

Stupidly forgot so missed it. Hoping to make the next one, but haven't received details yet.

Tressilliana said...

Brockley Film Club update - son and I went along last night to see Little Miss Sunshine. Absolutely wonderful, both the film and the experience. I'd definitely recommend others to sign up! You can get on the email list from here:

The next film is Night of the Hunter, to be shown on Sunday 5th October at 7pm. We won't be going to that, I think, as we saw it not too long ago on DVD, but if you haven't seen it, I would strongly recommend it.

Moira said...

I'd also recommend Night of the Hunter. Charles Laughton directed it and because the film was slated at the time, he never directed another film. It was way before its time.

It is very dark, in places dreamlike and the best performance from Robert Mitchum in a role totally out of his usual character.

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