The Deptford Project

Wise words
Never let it be said that Brockley Central is narrowly parochial in its outlook; as locals from neighbouring districts are already well aware, we claim the widest possible geographical area as our domain and, sorry Deptford, that means you too.

BC was therefore delighted to be invited to the opening of Deptford's jaw-achingly trendy new cafe-bar, the Deptford Project. Situated inside a real live train carriage (no joke - check out the website for video of it being installed on site), the DP on Deptford High Street is just the first step in an ambitious regeneration scheme ...



Seating area


Deptford train station will soon be re-built and when that's complete, work will start to transform the original railway yard. The new public space will house a weekend creative industries market incorporating shops and galleries. It will be run by the people who set up Spitalfields Market and currently run Greenwich Market.

And that's not all: uber-architect Richard Rogers is going to design a new apartment block to be built at the back of the site. Those involved hope all this effort will 'form a new heart to Deptford High Street'.

Regeneration projects such as this are notoriously fragile and given the current property market climate nothing can be taken for granted. But the new venue is a lovely addition to our (wider) local area and we wish it and those involved in the rest of the scheme the best of luck. Oh, and thanks for the free beer!

Anyone feeling frustrated by the new ban on drinking on public transport should head down to Deptford High Street to satiate the urge ...

(Pics from the launch party by Brockley Jon).