Break-ins: The Waves

Burglaries in Brockley seem to come in waves. Certainly, the emails we get about burglaries do. And from this limited data, it appears we may be in the middle of another one at the moment.

On the Brockley forum, Drew writes:

We've just been burgled and there's been a bunch of others similar around here in the last few weeks.

We've also had an email from BCer BrockersBlue, who says:

Thought I'd get in touch to highlight a recent increase in burglaries in the area. Friends of ours from Tressilian Rd told us about their neighbours being burgled. Then, a house near us on Tyrwhitt Rd was burgled the following day. Both of these were during the day. 

I spoke to the police dealing with the burglary on Tyrwhitt Rd, and they said that for the last few years, Brockley has been a huge target in the lead up to Christmas. They said (and I quote) "without trying to cause panic, Brockley is being targeted at the moment, so please be extra vigilant and step up security where possible."

BC reports this because it would seem remiss of us to do otherwise. Keep em peeled, etc.