A festive update from Brockley Market

Toby from Brockley Market writes:

This Saturday it's your chance to buy freshly picked Kent veg and fruit for your Christmas break, as well as lots of lovely Christmas meat, fish, cheese, charcuterie etc.

We also have some great street food from the likes of Luardos, Mike and Ollie, Cured London, Motherflipper, Spit and Roast, Fishdogs and the Egg Boss.

This is the last market of 2012 - we are back weekly from the first Saturday in January (5th) 2013.

Thanks for all your support in 2012 - have a lovely Christmas and New Year - from all at Brockley Market.


Brockley Ben said...

Brockley Market? I give it till the end of the year ;)

Anonymous said...

It's been going a while now. I'm not a fan of markets in car parks and parks but it's popular and will survive a good while longer I imagine.

Good luck to 'em.

Belinda234 said...

Why would you say that? someone tries to do something good and bring life into the area and you feel the need to be negative :(

Brockley Nick said...

Ben was being sarcastic. Hence the winky-face

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