Not so merry Christmas: Mr Lawrence shop to close

Confirmation of the news, reported in a comment on last week's Catford Bridge Tavern post, that a Brockley institution – Mr Lawrence's shop – is to close at the end of the year.

The decision has been prompted by a number of factors. A major issue has been the reduction in parking immediately outside the shop because of a relocated bus stop. This, in turn, has caused problems receiving deliveries (vans are regularly ticketed and some suppliers are now refusing to deliver at all) and has hampered passing trade. It has also proved hard to recruit staff willing to put in the long hours and to commit to the business in the long term.

The good news is that the wine bar is staying and booze sales will continue online. It sounds like it will be possible to avoid delivery charges by picking up online orders in the bar, where there will also a modest list available at off-sale prices. So we're not losing the shop altogether.

No word yet on who is taking over the store premises. There is a very interested tenant lined up (all Brockley Central was able to glean was that "it's not a chicken shop") but the deal is not yet signed.

For all that there will be a new business coming to Brockley Road – and we're not losing an old favourite altogether – it will be a sad day for Brockley when the shutters finally come down at Mr Lawrence on New Year's Eve.