Hither Green Forum closes

The Hither Green Forum, a site which BC regularly plundered for local news, has been closed. The owner's message says: "After over 7 years running the forum I no longer enjoy the task... Many thanks to many of you for the contributions you made over the years. Goodbye."

Our South East Central forum had a section for Hither Green for a while, but we closed it due to the popularity of the dedicated site. If our Hither Green readers (we think we have some) want us to re-create the Hither Green section, please let us know.


max said...

Yes, offer appreciated, on Facebook there seems to be consensus in favour of SECentral.

Brockley Nick said...

Done! http://southeastcentral.co.uk/forums/hither-green.164/

Anonymous said...

Just ban Peter G before you start. He thinks he's the internet hardman of Hither green but is actually a 12 year old boy

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