Ukulele vs Pitchfork [UPDATED]

Yesterday, the mild-mannered world of the Brockley Christmas Market bumped up against the dark underworld occupied by the rail cops. A man (said to be wielding a large fork) was chased by transport police and a police helicopter across the railway line near Brockley Station, causing delays to rail services and livening-up proceedings at the market next-door.

Transpontine has a good summation of the available facts and a three-minute recording of the sound clash between the ukuleles, the sirens and the rotor blades as a scene from Chris Morris' Jam unfolded.

UPDATE: Apparently, yesterday's fork-wielder managed to temporarily evade the police but stuck around in Brockley. At time of writing (2.30pm) he is reported (by reliable BCer Andrea) to be on a roof on Harefield Road. The property is surrounded and the eye in the sky is back. And now, end game.