Lewisham vs Seasonal Alcohol Disorder

Drinking to excess can also be cool, if done right

The best advert for temperance is to be found on Platforms 1-6 of London Bridge Station, after 10pm in December, when office Christmas partiers create terrifying Hogarthian tableaux every night. But Lewisham Council is applying a belt and braces approach to getting the safe drinking message across. They say:

The winter holiday season can lead to people partying to excess, which for some means they won’t be as safe or as healthy as they would be if they were sober. Last Friday, Lewisham Council, Lewisham Public Health (NHS South East London) and other local agencies spent the evening in New Cross giving advice to party-goers and Christmas revellers about safe and harmful levels of alcohol consumption.

You can learn more about harmful drinking levels and where you can go for help if you are concerned about drink or drug use. Go to www.lewisham.gov.uk and search on ‘drugs and alcohol’. If you are concerned about drink or drug issues for yourself or someone else you can get free, confidential advice and information about local treatment services - contact CRI New Direction on 020 8314 5566.

For more information about safer drinking go to www.alcoholconcern.org.uk , call Drinkline, free, on 0800 917 8282 or the Lewisham Drug and Alcohol Action Team on 020 8314 8226.