Lewisham pre-school seeks donations to survive

Meredith Pearce writes:

The Lewisham Opportunity Pre-School (LOPS) is threatened with closure as a result of Lewisham Council cutting the grants on which it relies. We're asking for help from BC readers.

LOPS is an inclusive pre-school with up to half of its places offered to children with additional needs (all sorts, some very complex, at the moment there are children with Downs, cerebal palsy, Autism Spectrum and hearing impairments for example). LOPS is the only inclusive preschool of this nature in Lewisham borough, and transport is provided for disabled children that would otherwise be unable to attend. The pre-school is located at the rear of the Ladywell Leisure Centre car park.

In addition, LOPS has a drop in session every week for children with additional needs. Often parents of children that have just been diagnosed attend and gain much support, or parents turn up to the drop in who have not attended other baby/toddler groups before and have been socially isolated due to their children's needs. There are very few groups like this around. I am not sure where the next nearest one is.

The pre-school is a registered charity and its grants have been cut, to the extent that the pre-school will have to close at the end of March if we can't raise £15,000 (bearing in mind there is only a small number of parents, half of whom are looking after disabled children, so this is a big sum for a small number of people to raise). Parents were only informed about this approximately 3 weeks ago, however we have already managed to raise close to £5,0000.

If the pre-school is to survive long term a lot more money will need to be raised as the projected council grant cuts are going to be deeper. 

This place is so important, people in our community will continue to need this resource, the people that will need it in the future probably don't know about it yet.

The website of the pre-school is www.lops.org.uk
We have created a campaign website www.savelops.com
Donations can be made at http://www.charitygiving.co.uk/savelops