Deptford High Street in December

Mel Taylor writes:

I work for a local voluntary organisation and we have been contracted by Lewisham as Deptford Renewal Managers, which have a role supporting existing market traders and shops, community consultation and events on Deptford High Street. The project is about supporting the commercial vibrancy of the High Street – regeneration without gentrification [BC says: it's an interesting question whether it is possible to make a place nicer and more successful without attracting new people in to the area - both as a catalyst for and a result of the regeneration - and even whether "gentrification" (aka an increase in the proportion of middle class people in a given area) is a thing to be discouraged, but anyway...].

This December we are holding some events each Saturday including showcasing the Deptford Community Cookbook – an idea conceived and put together by Niaomh Convery – a Crossfields resident. We have funded the printing of this book and will be selling the book at live cooking demos outside the Cod Father.  On the various Saturdays there will also be a ‘sewing surgery’, present wrapping service, arts and street dance workshop, poetry and live singing stalls, and on the 22nd a giant Christmas tree procession. We have also been training up 7 new young traders who will be trading on Douglas Square.

Many apologies for not having sent this through to you earlier, I was not aware of the blog as I am very new to this area, but my manager Claire Pritchard told me about you this morning.  I don’t really know how blogs works, but would you consider featuring the flyer or info about the events on the blog? That would be great.