Brockley Christmas Market, December 15th


Anonymous said...

Hooray - can't wait!

Anonymous said...

As long as the cars don't get in the way like last year!

Anonymous said...

BXAG try so hard but there is almost always one person that has left there their vehicle on the road overnight. i wish there was something that could be done to help them.

Anonymous said...

Stay away from the market, reports of gunshot and a stabbing, suspect roaming the streets!!

Anonymous said...

Why post something like that? market was lovely. There was an incident about 3pm with some mad bloke getting aggressive, armed with garden fork. he was disarmed by brave blokes at post office and police were on scene really quickly. Anyone know what happened next?

Anonymous said...

I believe he strayed onto the tracks with the pitchfork and caused delays on the railway. I believe it was an argument over the price of muffins.

Anonymous said...

The market was brilliant. Well done Brockley X Action Group!

mr olive oil said...

congratulations to the organisers and management of the brockley xmas market
fantastic atmosphere and turnout
the mulled wine as usual was the best
should be held at least twice a year
my thanks to all who purchased my products, hope you enjoy and i look forward to seeing you all again
i wish you all a fantastic xmas and a healthy new year
mr olive oil

Anonymous said...

Yes the market was very nice, but why is the Christmas tree so awful? It used to be positioned outside the Barge, which is a much more central location. It was bigger and with better lights on it. Now it's very small with a hand full of laughably bad lights, you can barely notice it unless you walk all the way down the ramp which unless you have a pushchair you wouldn't. A shame.

Brockley Nick said...

Because there is no longer any Council funding for a tree, or lights or anything. So they paid for it themselves.

So, like the Cratchit Family, let us rejoice this Christmas for what we have, rather than moan about what we don't have.

It's the thought that counts.

It means more because they made it themselves.


Alex said...

Re Christmas Tree.

Yes, it does look a bit sorry but as Nick has already said the Council haven't provided one, it's been paid for and installed by BXAG so hats off to them for at least providing something.

The light situation should have been better but a combination of a couple of sets of lights failing and trying not to spend a small fortune on something which should be provided by the Council means this is where we are.

It hasn't been done yet but I know there was an idea to set up a donation page for the tree which people could contribute to.

BXAG said...

Hi here's this year's Brockley Christmas Market poster, It's quite minimalist in its look this year, which is in contrast to what's going to be happening. Its a bigger market than previous times, two mulled wine and mince pie stalls. A packed music fabulous line up for entertainment. Plus 40 stalls!

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