Babur wins another curry gong

We're very late with this news, partly because we've been busy, but partly because Babur winning a "best Indian restaurant" award is becoming routine. This time, it's won top honours in the Curry Capital of Britain Award 2013.

The News Shopper has the story on the Brockley Rise restaurant's triumph.


Andrea said...

I'm a little confused. What exactly has it won or is it just nominated to represent south-east London?

Andrea said...

Ok, ignore my last post. I've seen the article on the News Shopper website. The other link didn't make much sense.

NAT said...

I've had a takeaway from Babur of late and it was fine in its own way if the sensationalism of 'modern Indian' rocks your boat, however for anyone who is, like me, a fan of game and fish, please try The Dewaniam round the corner from it on Stanstead Road. Great pheasant, venison and though I've had a multitude of national and regional takes on the humble Trout, their Trout Piazi knocks socks off. The Dewaniam are the original and the best in my little book of the same, and they deliver to Brock naturally.
That said congrats to Babur for the award and keeping a culinary flag flying down here.

Brockley Ben said...

The regular takeaway from Babur is fairly standard curry house stuff.
The in-house menu and the a la carte delivery service (essentially the
same menu) offers more interesting ingredients: ostrich, venison,
rabbit, guinea fowl, plenty of different fish. Completely different

I'd not heard ot The Dewaniam. Thanks. Will give it a go.

black bean sauce said...

Not tried babur yet, but Cinnamon of upper brockley road, is always v good. decent portion sizes, wide choice, delicately flavoured.

Can anyone recommend a decent chinese takeaway in and around brockley or new cross borders.. thanks

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