Brockley cat turns up in Scotland

Missing Brockley cat Pablo has been found 500 miles away in Scotland, STV reports.

Pablo, the nine-year-old silver tabby, strolled into a bank in Fife a year after he disappeared from his home in south London. The missing mog has left his owners baffled as to how he got there.
Brockley Pablo
The cat vanished from his home Brockley last October and owner Siobhan Campbell had given him up for dead. But he was found in Rosyth he activated the automatic door of a branch of TSB, and started snoozing on a chair. Staff handed him in to the Cats Protection League (CPL), and his microchip revealed he was 449 miles from home.

Full story here. Police are now dredging Loch Ness for all of Brockley's other missing cats.

Thanks to Brockley Jon for the tip off.


Raga Muffin said...

Here Puss - Here Puss Puss
Come to Catford - where you know you belong.

Headhunter said...

There's probably some kind of hole in space time contiuum in Brockley, some kind of cat Bermuda Triangle which instantly transports them far away. It's the only thing that would account for all these missing cats round here

G said...

Great story. Strutting down Rosyth high street, busting it into the tsb, sounds like he was looking for somewhere he could be king of the manor unlike greater brockley where there's probably a lot of competition for the top spot.

Emmajem said...

How uncanny. I used to live in Rosyth and now I live in Brockley!

Aricana said...

A top cat!

Matt-Z said...

This should have been titled 'Brockley mews developments'.

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