I think that you think that a certain borough is not all that it could be, when, in fact, it is all that it should be... And more!

Hyperlocal site Go Earlsfield has this graph, courtesy of think tank The Centre for Cities, which shows that Lewisham's population shrinks by day. It's from a report ('Inner London's Economy') that attempts to understand what happens to the populations of each borough in London's inner core on a daily basis, as commuters flood in and out. 

Inner London accounts for 40 per cent of Greater London’s population, but 56 per cent of private sector jobs. The daytime population of Inner London is 68 per cent higher than its resident population; most of the boroughs import workers daily, but Lewisham, Greenwich, Newham and Wandsworth experience (surprisingly) small net outflows each day:

There is also a wealth of maps, which essentially reinforce the point that Lewisham and Greenwich are home to very few jobs, although start-up growth offers some hope.

With thanks to Richard for the nod.


Max Calò said...

And that's the reason why the pool is normally rather crowded in the evening but not at lunchtime.

JD Carpentieri said...

Interesting graph, but doesn't it basically show that boroughs which are completely in zones 1 and/or 2 have higher daytime inflow than boroughs that spread over zones 2 and 3? That should be expected. Or maybe I'm reading this wrong. (Would be interesting to see the numbers broken down by e.g. "Zone 2 portion of Lewisham".)

guest said...

The graph and your assertion that Lewsham/Greenwich have few jobs seems to indicate that people in the boroughs are essentially not economically active.

Brockley Nick said...

No, it doesn't suggest that. It suggests that they commute.

terrencetrentderby said...

You've obviously never walk around Lewisham during the day, makes the zombies in Day of the Dead look like upstart yuppies.

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