Talk to Me

Talk to Me is a group that has taken it upon itself to encourage Londoners to talk to one another, which would at least neutralise northerners' main line of attack against that London (guess what: we have busy, interesting lives, we don't need to talk to one another on the tube). Anyway, this weekend, they plan to convert some New Cross bus stops into "talk stops". They say:

Talk Stop Challenge Time: 1-5pm 
Location: Bus stops on New Cross Road 

We'll be rebranding rebranding several bus stops in central New Cross into ‘talk stops' during Talk to me SE London week! Talk Stops will be created by Patricio Forrestor, SERFs, Emily Gardner, Nicky Donald, John Reed, Loraine Smith, Sylvia Dos Santos and Dani from Prangsta.

Visit the site for more details.