The Hope and Honor

The Honor Oak pub-squatters' legalese appears not to have stopped their eviction and there are plans afoot to get the pub back up and running. On the Honor Oak forum, Matt writes:

I am local to Forest Hill and used to love The Honor Oak. It was run into the ground by its previous owners and Punch Taverns have struggled to find a replacement. Hence the eyesore of a boarded up, once great pub. 

Alongside the Forest Hill Society we are pulling together a plan to create a co-operative pub takeover of the Honor Oak. The road is long, but the first step is completed - we are applying for an Asset of Community Value with Lewisham Council, effectively allowing us to block any sale. 

We'd love to galvanise local support from all of those with an SE postal code so if you'd like to get involved and hear about the journey we are going on, please could you join up to our mailing list at the following address: