Heat treatment

Ewa is a massage therapist who's set up a new treatment centre in local salon Heat, (315 Brockley Road). She explains:

I offer a wide range of treatments such as Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Hot and Cold stones Massage, Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Baby Massage, Hopi Ear Candling and a great and very beneficial Infrared Sauna. 

For more details, please visit healthytreatments.co.uk


Brockley belle said...

I have been to ewa 3 times now and can highly recommend her (and her infra red sauna). It's so hard to find a masseuse that can deliver a good strong massage and now we have one ...right on the doorstep. Hurrah! I would urge anyone who enjoys massage to visit. She knows what she's doing. Can't recommend her highly enough. Spread the word!

Diana said...

I've known Ewa for couple of years now and had so many of her lovely treatments. I almost tried everything on the list :-)
I had countless number of Back and Shoulder and Full Body Massages. I tried and went back for couple of times to have Reflexology. I even tried Hopi Ear Candling for Ewa's recommendation. It was brilliant, so relaxing and it even helped with my bunged up nose..
When I was expecting our second son I went for Pregnancy massage.
The only thing I missed out on was Baby massage, I forever going to regret I didn't take my son - I was too busy breastfeeding. ;-)

I can highly recommend Ewa to anyone who is in need of an hour or an afternoon relaxing. The salon is like a little haven in our busy lives, serenity is the word comes to mind.. candles, lovely music - at just the right volume to send you into a completely relaxed Zen.
Please go and try out the Infrared Sauna, it is truly amazing. You are going to feel refreshed, detox and couple of years younger, definitely ;-)

Christopher Barton said...

It would be interesting to have Hopi Ear Candle Pleasure from your treatment parlor.

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