Lewisham consults on Council Tax

Lewisham Council says:

The Council is now consulting on its Council Tax Reduction Scheme for 2014/15, and also the additional support available to help certain vulnerable people to pay for their Council Tax.

In April 2013 the Government abolished the Council Tax Benefit scheme which helped those people with no or low income to pay their Council Tax. In its place the Council introduced its own local Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

The Government reduced the funding Lewisham Council gets for Council Tax Reduction by £3.2m and the Council had to make some difficult decisions about how to continue to support those people most in need.

The effect of passing on the cut during the current 2013/14 financial year has meant all working age residents having to pay an average of £2.71 extra Council Tax each week. If the scheme remains unchanged in 2014/15 as the Council proposes, it is likely that this amount will not change.

Before details of next year's scheme can be confirmed, the Council is consulting on its proposal to continue to pass on the government cut in grant to those of working age and continue to protect pensioners.

The Council welcomes the views of Lewisham residents and is conducting a short online survey at www.lewisham.gov.uk/counciltax.

Consultation opened on 3 October and closes at midnight on Sunday 3 November 2013.


Headhunter said...

Not sure if I'm being a bit thick but I really don't understand this. I got all excited that we would be getting the 1st actual reduction in council tax (as opposed to above inflation increase) in the 7 years I've lived here but it sounds like due to government cuts, it's going up? Have I got this right?>

James said...

Government is cutting Lewishams funding from the government, lewisham is making working people pay for the cut, so they can redistribute that to non-working people so they do not have to pay anymore.

If you go to the survey on a non PC format, you cant access the disagree buttons

RIRO said...

The online survey is not working even on a PC - not only can you not access the disagree buttons, you can't get to the end of the survey even if you do agree with everything.

Headhunter said...

I just looked at the survey and you can't access the "strongly disagree" selection with a PC

Ruth said...

Works for me. If you have trouble seeing the 'next' or 'submit' buttons use your tab key to move along.

Tuna Melt said...

If you can't pay then don't stay, move out elsewhere. We need people to contribute to the borough and improve it. No suprise they tried to close Lewisham Hospital with a serious lack of contributions from local residents. An increase in people moving to the borough that actually pay their council tax will only add value, look at Southwark.

Woman of Brockley said...

You clearly have strong opinions, Tuna Melt, so I'm sure you are taking the trouble to make sure they are well-informed opinions as well. You do understand, then, that the NHS is not funded from local taxation?

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