Bread and Jam pop-up exhibition

Emma writes:

I am a painter and curator and I am putting on an exhibition in our yet to be refurbished house where 11 contemporary artists will be given a room to make work for two weeks. The whole house will become an open exhibition. At the end there will be a series of brunch openings so that the public can come and see the works of art.

The project is called 'Bread and Jam' and will be one of a series to be held at the house. The main aim is to give artists the time and space to make new and exciting work in an environment which is free and free from constraints.

We will be serving bread (courtesy of Cooper's Bakehouse who have agreed to support us!) and jam (courtesy of Wild Brockley wonderful foraged jam!) at the series of openings, as part if the theme to break bread together and share something fresh and exciting.


David Porter said...

We are all curators now.

mick Dixey said...

This looks very interesting but I cant read the tiny vital information bottom left hand corner with details could this be enlarged or info given please

Brockley Nick said...

Click on the picture to enlarge it

Edgar Buckley said...

This is why I live in Brockley.

Emma said...

This isn't curated if it helps! The artists have made and installed all work themselves and the house is open - its more like working studio meets installation.

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