The Fellowship of the Ring Road

The Lower Hall of The Fellowship Inn
Being on the other side of the Catford one-way system means that Bellingham may as well be on Mars, as far as accessibility from Brockley is concerned, but this is an exciting project.

Phoenix Community Housing is a not-for-profit housing association that has just begun a public consultation for its Heritage Lottery Funded plans to restore The Fellowship Inn in Bellingham and they are inviting residents in Lewisham to visit their pop-up shop to find out more give their views. The story of the pub is told in this video:
The Fellowship Inn is a grand space and initial ideas for its future use include a cinema, a live events venue, a restaurant, a bakery or a brewery - any one of which would be worth the trip for.

To find out more and get involved with the consultation, click here.


DB said...

What a great idea, fantastic project. Some of the old pubs really are amazing spaces, refreshing to see one not wasted on yet another residential conversion

renovate this said...

Looks like a very fine project. We could do with a bit of that around here.

We have the old Ladywell baths and playtower that need a similarly funded project to bring the back into community use.

Anon said...

There was a perfectly sound pub called the Green Man on Bromley Road which I believe Phoenix demolished, £3.8m to refurbish this old pub is questionable.

And what's happened to the Playtower which is supposed to be a community asset.

Anon said...

Meanwhile it seem People have put their egos before Profits, going bananas and splitting.

-Leading members have split from Lewisham's left-wing People Before Profit party, with claims it has become an "authoritarian leader cult." -

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