Gogi and Magogi - Brockley Road apocalypticism hits Midtown

The furniture pushers have vacated this shop, freeing it - and the pavement - up
Much Midtown movement going on at the moment. The Brockley Road shop specialising in selling second hand furniture (next to KR's Barber Station) recently closed down and is available for someone new to give that location a go, while a few yards away Gogi's mini-market has just had its last day of trading before vacating the premises.

With the redevelopment of St Cyprian's Church as housing with a ground floor restaurant space now well-underway, the composition of this part of the high street could soon look very different.

Thanks to Jennifer, who wanted to recognise the end of an era with Gogi's departure - although it should be noted that Gogi's is a Brockley superbrand, with an empire of other businesses scattered about. Gogi's is dead, long live Gogi's.


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